A Unique Implementation Methodology

Something that distinguishes us from other Microsoft Dynamics NAV (365 Business Central) resellers is our unique implementation methodology, skilled team, and professional honesty.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV (365 Business Central) is a unique solution; it’s the only ERP solution we know that’s designed to be changed quickly and easily to meet customers’ different needs, which is why we created a new approach of doing projects – over and above the standard approaches used by other resellers.


We know that sitting in rooms for days-on-end, having isolated and tricky conversations with each department can result in customers and consultants having completely different perceptions, without even knowing. We talk to your business as a whole, discussing your typical day processes in simple terms. For example processes such as purchase-to-pay and sales-to-cash. We make sure we understand each normal day process, as well as those unique ways of working. Instead of writing a massive document to capture all of these processes, we develop a model of your business within NAV itself - your real data in a real NAV environment - so you can see exactly what you’ll be getting.